Winter 2003
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Here are some fun pictures from my Winter of 2003 vacation in Florida - I had a good time but I also had an ear infection and had to see a doctor - that was not part of the fun! But it did help to make me feel better!  

Mommy and me arrive at the Tampa Airport.. I know the picture is a bit fuzzy but Grampa was so excited to me he couldn't hold the camera steady!!!

I am not sure what all this water is about just yet! They call it "swimming"!

We went to the playground and I went on my first swing ride. It was scary at first!

Here I am playing with a small striped ball. I LOVE balls and can throw them really well.


Grandpa and I play with Legos' while Wendell checks out some more toys.


None of us were feeling all that great so we didn't do a lot of different things that we 
had hoped to do...we didn't even get to the park but we did go to the beach one day but forgot the camera that day.



We celebrated Grandpa's 65th birthday with a giant banner...Mom and Dad brought 
it all the way from Virginia to surprise him and BOY WAS HE EVER SURPRISED!



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A visit with Mommy's brother, Jeff and his family.

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