Tuesday 7-30-02
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Well, today was my last full day here in The Meadows with Grandma and Grandpa Honig. We had a very busy day. Grandpa had to do something with Uncle Mike so I had to go with Grandma to visit her doctor and her dentist. It was fun there as the people all said nice things about me. 

Then we came home and Grandpa and Uncle Mike were here for a visit. Grandpa tried to feed me some peas while Grandma did something else - You can see here he didn't have very good aim.....

Since it was lunch time for everyone Uncle Mike gave me my bottle while Grandpa and Grandma got things ready for feeding the dogs and the humans.

Here is a really good picture of Uncle Mike....

I think he knows he did a good job giving me my bottle.

I am sleeping now and when I wake up tomorrow it will be time to go to the airport to meet Mommy and Daddy so they can take me back to Virginia with them. Then Daddy  has to go back to work while Mommy takes care of me and Grandma and Grandpa get some well deserved rest. (Although I DO sleep through the night!).


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