Sunday 7-28-02
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Sunday, July 28th - time to wake up again - I didn't really want to but Grandpa and Grandma thought it best to get me up - after all, it was 7 am already! and the day was half gone. After waking up and some breakfast, it was time for my yoga exercises and getting dressed.

Waking UP:

Yoga time also known as Budda Baby!

After getting dressed it was time to read the Sunday papers and have my morning coffee....

Then it was time to play for a while before having lunch and taking another nap.

I don't think Wendell wanted to be caught!

Here I am playing with a new Activity Walker. 

I finished playing for a while and Grandpa wanted to pose 
me for some pictures. I tried to get away but I couldn't.

The Princess, also known as Bijoux, reclines on her the bed that the dog's share. She has a dirty face 'cause she was out in the wet, rainy weather. 

Now I am napping so they can't take any more pictures of me but they probably will later on today. And don't forget, there is still Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to come. Mommy and Daddy don't get me back until late afternoon on Wednesday and they will be so happy to see me. 



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