Spring Break in Florida!!!

Just how many 3 month olds get to spend Spring Break in Florida?????
Mommy and Daddy took me to visit my New York/Florida set of Grandparents and here is the results - tons and tons of pictures. The weather was pretty good - cool in the mornings and warmer in the afternoon. Their dog, Wendell de Dogg, the West Highland White Terrier, followed me all around and guarded me very carefully! He did take time out to play with Mommy and Daddy though. Their other dog, Bijoux de la Brume Oceane, a Coton de Tulear, was curious about me and made a decision that she wanted to be the ONLY baby around here so she did a lot more whining to be picked up than I did.

Here is a great close up of you know who....


Everyone has to have a bath sometime...
Bijoux spent part of the day sulking because she wasn't being held and I was....
Mommy likes to read to me and I like to listen to the sound of her voice. I think Wendell likes it too. The story was "Hop on Pop" by Dr. Seuss. Daddy used to listen to this story also when he was younger.
My introduction to those "grown up" toys called computers..


This is a slide show of me on an ottoman covered in a leopard fabric. Watch for the symbol of the "baby liberation front"......


Part of my time was spent swinging and listening to baby musac! 
This can be very boring after the 27th time.....


Another day, another swinging time....
Enough already!!!!! I am getting tired of all this swinging and musac.....I want food or at least my "binky"....

To prove that Grandpa Marvin actually did hold me and play with me, here is a series of photos taken during our play time on the computer. 

Grandpa sure looks scared!!!!
I didn't do it, honest, I didn't?
These things taste really good and they are reassuring that everything is just fine.
I guess everything was fine since I was pretty content to lie there and blow bubbles.
Everyone looks pretty happy here. Whose coffee cup is that - mine or his?



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