So many pictures were taken during the month of May and June, 2002 that it is hard to
decide which ones to include. Some were taken while my grandparents were visiting 
on their way back to NY from Florida.

June 5th I will be 6 months old - can you believe how fast I have grown.  
Here are some that you may enjoy seeing....

This is what happens after a long day of activities.

I didn't do it, honest, I didn't!!!!

Mommy needs a Binky too!

Liberace's replacement on the show circuit.

Jack was having a great time playing with Grandpa Marvin's shoelaces. 
He was able to untie them and fortunately, for Grandpa, had not learned
to tie them to the opposite shoe.

Whenever Bijoux would bark or squeak, Jack was distracted from the shoelace caper.

Wendell, Wallace, Caribou, Maddy

Not to leave out my grandparents other dog, here's Bijoux.

Here is another series of  "stroller" pictures......I sure spend a lot of time there....


I hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  This next one is one of Grandma Nedda's favorites.


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