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I must be having another growth spurt because today I got up earlier than other days - around 5:30 am or so but woke up happy and playful. Then after breakfast I took another nap for almost 2 hours! Then lunch around noon and another nap at 1 pm. or so. 

In between eating, napping, peeing and pooping (I sound like a puppy) I played outside and went for a stroller ride around the yard. One of the new areas I played in was the flower beds - here are some pictures Grandma took of this.

I think Grandma and Grandpa are getting me ready to help Mommy and Daddy with their yard work when we get back home to Virginia.

I am sure more pictures will be taken when I wake up from my nap. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had lunch "alfresco" on Grandpa's lap today cause the house was getting cleaned (it sure needed it and I think I contributed to the need). My friends, the dogs, also got their lunch outside. But they didn't get to sit on Grandpa's lap and make him afraid I would sneeze squash on his shirt!  (I didn't though). I did get to munch on a piece of lettuce - at least that is what that green stuff was so I am told. It tears really well too! But I didn't get to swallow any of it - I don't have 'nuf teeth yet - only two bottoms!

I am writing this in small print so Mommy and Daddy don't see it but I started to pull myself up to stand ALL BY MYSELF a couple of times today. Pretty soon I will be all grown up!




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