About Bijoux
   This is my new sister, Bijoux de La Brume Oceane.  That is a pretty fancy name for such a little girl.  Bijoux is a Coton de Tulear,  who was whelped May 15, 1997, in the province of Quebec.  She has been with us since July 12.  I sat her down over a cup of  coffee to explain my house rules.  She seemed cooperative, so I gave her a ball to play with.  I think she will be ok to live with.  I really can't quite figure out why Marvin and Nedda adopted her, though.  After all, I am all the dog they need, and she looks so funny.  Her ears are this champagne color, and they haven't stood up yet.  My guess is that they won't!

Notice her funny ears
(Bijoux's funny ears)

You can learn more about Coton de Tulears at an excellent web site maintained by Coton owner Jim Calamis at http://calamis.freeservers.com/cotonpage/

Please take a minute and check out the new site of   La Brume Oceane, Bijoux's birthplace.

To read more about how and why we brought Bijoux into our lives, click on the link below "The Story of...."


The story of How and Why Bijoux came to live with us.... added 12/7/04 Recent Past Photos of the dogs  added 12/7/04
Bijoux de la Brume Oceane  
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