Coton Spring Fling - 2007
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        Once upon a time in a land far away there was a breed of dog called the Coton de Tulear... because of this small, primarily white, and very hairy little dog people now gather together to talk "dog"... yes, we do talk "dog"... not only do we talk TO our dogs, but we talk LIKE the dogs, trying to talk their language, and we talk ABOUT them... to the point of being asked by the gentlemen in attendance "Are you all Dog Talked Out?", and of course, we say very emphatically NO!!!!

        The idea of the "dog party", or a "party for dogs", also known as a "party for WHAT????" began back in 1999 at our home in upstate New York with a party held each year ... now we have had our 2nd Florida party, known this year as the 

        The week before the weekend activities some of us went out to dinner  - with our Cotons... Heidi and Mon Cherie, Susan and Harley, and Nedda and Bijoux found restaurants with outdoor patios and thus we were able to bring our Cotons who were extremely well behaved and gathered lots of attention from other patrons passing by our table... [Dining out with Cotons]

        Nedda and Marvin along with Heidi and Mon Cherie drove to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens for a stroll among the gardens and plants that were for sale.. Of course Nedda  came home with some additional plants for her back yard... [Selby Gardens]

        Heidi spent some time visiting other friends that she knew in the area while Nedda continued with preparations for the party weekend.  She also went to Disney and Sea World but she will have to share her stories of those visits at another time... but Heidi did bring back a great souvenir from Disney...[I''m All Ears!]

        On Friday, the day before the "Party" there was an Ice Cream Social... Sherry and Gracie from Indiana, Valerie and Barney from New York, Heidi and Mon Cherie from Illinois, and Nedda and Bijoux went to Ritters for some frozen custard...All the dogs except for Bijoux thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We don't know why she didn't want to indulge... maybe she didn't want to muss her coat before the BIG Party on Saturday. [Ice Cream Social] Everyone was invited but unfortunately couldn't make it... boy did they miss some great calories!!!!

        And then came Saturday... everything was ready... and the guests started coming... there were 8 delightful women, some of whom had never met before, and two gentlemen who had lunch and then left in our convertible for a car show and a tour of the area.  Almost like flying an airplane but not quite as fast!

        Having the smaller number of ladies made for some wonderful conversations. Everyone was able to talk and interact with each other with nary a word or joke being missed. Great fun indeed!!!  Of course, every so often the dogs decided to jump into the conversations and bark their opinions... they made it very difficult to hear a conversation on a cell phone from time to time. But the dogs wanted their say too..  [It's Party Time on Saturday...]

            Once the party was over and the dogs didn't have to be CLEAN any more they spent the next day, Sunday, at the beach... some went swimming, some didn't. [Beach Day].

            By the way, Florida really does have seasons, and the flowers change from season to season as do the leaves on the trees...the seed pods cling to the Cotons, the old leaves fall off the oak trees, just like up North... [Flowers of Spring in Florida]

        There is a page of just plain fun pictures of the doggie guests as well.. [Dog Portraits for Fun]

    If you would like to see the pictures, just click on the links in the paragraphs above or click on the links below... Enjoy and think about joining us next year...

            Your hosts,

            Bijoux de la Brume Oceane
             Wendell de Dogg
            and their humans, Nedda and Marvin  

Dining out with Cotons It's Party Time on Saturday...
Selby Gardens I''m All Ears!
Ice Cream Social Sunday Beach Day
Dog Portraits for Fun Flowers of Spring in Florida