Our Last East Coast Coton de Tulear Gathering of the Millennium is now a great memory.

October 2, 1999 

The day started out with a need for sweatshirts and sweaters but by noontime, when everyone started to come the weather Gods smiled down upon us and out came the hot, bright sun,  and off came the sweatshirts!

Bijoux and Wendell had to be woken up to go potty the next morning -  they were so worn out from all the fun and playing!

I hope you enjoy some or all of these pictures - I know I don't have all the dogs names and perhaps did miss one or two people's names, too - so, here is the disclaimer - If I did forget anyone, please forgive me - it was fun, hectic, and those senior moments do kick in at the worst of times!!!

Several pages of pictures were taken so follow the links and enjoy.......

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