First Southern Coton Party

March 25, 2006

 Hosted by 
Wendell de Dogg   
Bijoux de la Brume Oceane  
with their human companions,  
Nedda and Marvin helping them.  

After a two year lapse in Coton parties, Nedda and Marvin hosted approximately 20 people accompanied by approximately 11 little white dogs known as a Coton de Tulear.  Of course, their own Wendell is an honorary Coton, even though he is a West Highland White Terrier. We also had a friend of Wendell and Bijoux's named Romeo, a Bichon Frise.

 The human guests came from all over the United States to visit and both renew old friendships as well as to make new ones. Many of the guests communicate with each other over the internet and have never met until today.

From California, Jeri came with Ms. Naomie. From the mid-West, Indiana, to be exact, came Sherry S.,  accompanied by Gracie , and  Heidi from 
Illinois, came with the well-traveled Mon Cherie (MC for short) .

  Driving down from Virginia Sherry T. and Randy brought their Kali with them.   Sharon came in her 30' RV with Monty, one of the UCARE Rescue Cotons and her cat.

New York was well represented by Lydia, Claire, Doug and Laurie came from upstate combining a vacation at Disneyworld and the party. Sadly they had to leave their dog, Rippley at home but were able to cuddle and hug any Coton that they wanted all the time. Barney came along for the fun and food with his owners, Valerie and Bruce, also from the state of New York.

  Karen and Marc, came from the East Coast of Florida with  Bentley, who also summers in New York.    

We also had some Cotons come from Safety Harbor, Florida - Anne came with Lampchop, also known as Lammie and also brought her Chipper along for the fun.  Susan came from ½ mile away with their Coton, Harley . Susan and Theresa live in the same development. Theresa brought her Bichon Frise, Romeo, who fell in love with some of the other dogs!

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The weather was cooperative too – a nice balmy 68 degrees but the sun was shining making it seem warmer. This was the first time that the party day turned into a Party Week! The weekend started off with a Pre-Party Party at the house on Friday with some guests coming to hang out, help set things up, and just have fun together, while other guests went visiting friends or local attractions.  

Everyone has heard of ‘child-proofing’ a house, well, we decided to ‘dog-proof’ the house as much as possible!  So the living room rug was pulled up, and two other rugs were covered in plastic!  Not very style conscious but hopefully more practical!  We had towels rolled up, sitting in Wendell’s crate, at the ready in case a dog decided to take a swim in the hot tub or the fish pond!  

On Saturday,  the day of the party, guests started coming in the late morning as planned. People greeted each other with hugs and kisses and the dogs greeted each other with butt sniffs and nose checks!  Security was as good as it gets….The dogs were a bit shy at first but after a few minutes started to explore the house, the lanai, and the kennel area.  

The next day, Sunday, several of the group got together again for a day at the beach - we went with the dogs to Honeymoon Island State Park, followed by lunch back at the house for those who were not leaving that afternoon or evening.  On Monday, let's see what did we do....oh yes, Monday was spent walking around and doing lunch in Tarpon Springs.

Tuesday and Wednesday were days spent shopping and going to lunch - very relaxing! 

Thursday, that was the day that 5 dogs went to the beach again! What a fun time that was - you have never seen such wet and dirty dogs! I am not sure who had more fun - the humans or the dogs! One of the highlights of that morning was seeing a dolphin swimming and playing in the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, we couldn't get a picture as our hands were filled with leashes and dogs. 

There were so many pictures taken, by so many people, that it will be hard to publish all of them  - over 380 pictures - but I will share the best of the bunch with you....More fun pictures....


Pre-Party Party day of the party
day at the beach Tarpon Springs.
Thursday Beach Day - wet and dirty dogs! More fun pictures
Wendell and Bijoux's Website where there are links to previous our previous dog parties.









Pre-Party Party

Day of the Party - Saturday
Sunday at the Beach Tarpon Springs
Thursday Beach Day - wet and dirty dogs! More fun pictures
Wendell and Bijoux's Website where there are links to previous our previous dog parties.
People, People, People and their dogs....