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Wendell de Dogg, our Westie

Guests of Honor September 13, 2003 - was the date of the 5th Annual Coton de Tulear Party at our  home in Pittstown, (Northern Rensselaer County), New York. Each year the party grows bigger and bigger and mostly by word of mouth. This year we were planning on 101 people and over 60 dogs but because of the pending rain storms many decided to cancel so we had 88 people and about 55 dogs (it is hard to count moving white blurs) with everyone, both human and canine off leash.

Once again our fun began by meeting and greeting everyone, having them get their name tags, and the special party favor - decorative collars and bandanas made especially for the day by Nedda in the weeks prior to the party. Of course there was lots of confusion and chaos in the beginning as more and more guests arrived - from as far away as California and some from as close as Albany, NY - as they dropped off their crates, ex-pens, chairs, blankets, people and dogs. Canada, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia and New York were well represented among the guests as well as members of all the various Coton clubs and organizations with the majority of the guests not members of any group. Not only did we have the greatest pets in the world but we also had some of the best show dogs in the world.

The first guests arrived around 11 am, and the last guests left around 7:30 pm. just as the rain started to come down a bit more heavily than we would have liked.  The majority of the out of town guests stayed at the Best Western Rensselaer Inn in Troy for the weekend where the party started on Friday night and continued again on Saturday night after leaving our house.

Saturday consisted of talking, eating, playing with all sorts of  little white dogs of every color combination possible (I think), more eating, feeding the dogs their treats, watching them run, chase, hump, play, and more, until they all collapsed in several scattered heaps of multi-colored fur. I can't begin to tell you how many cameras there were at the ready as well but when you start looking at the pictures you will get some idea.

Late in the afternoon the local television station WTEN sent a reporter/photographer out to check out the story - he did an interview of Nedda and filmed the group as they waved and cheered. The interview wasn't broadcast but the story was a great soundbite for the station. Our group had it's 10 seconds of fame and glory!!! 

Thank you all again for coming - we enjoyed meeting all the new people and their cotons, as well as seeing our friends who have come to the prior parties. 

I have tried to identify everyone I can and all the dogs but I know I will either mix someone up or one of the dogs will get a different name.  If this happens please forgive me and let me know to correct it. If we have left anyway out it was not intentional!

What makes this year's party even more special is that it may very well be the last one we hold at this location as we are in the process of trying to sell the house. Depending on where we move to will determine if we have a party next year.

Enough chit chat and woofs,  let's get started with the pictures can click on the links on the left side, or at the bottom of the pages to surf between the pages.

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